Products are made in the factory. Brands are created in the mind.   – Walter Landor, founder, Landor Associates

A brand is the core essence of a product, service or company. that is perceived by the public or a specific consumer. A powerful and successful brand is one that has built loyalty and trust in the customer, where the brand image closely reflects the brand promise.

Whilst a brand speaks to your perception and emotions, the brand identity is the visual tangible elements that speak to your senses. It is the very visual and verbal expression of the brand.

Beautiful and conceptually thought out package design for any specific product creates an unmistakable, tangible and sensory arousal between the consumer and the brand identity. It is more than just what meets the eye. It is an extension of your brand. Form, composition, typography, regulatory information and ancillary design elements are key to successful package design.

Product design is a process of set, strategic and tactical activities that stem from idea generation to commercialization and used to create a product design. Product design involves conceptualization and the evaluation of ideas, turning them into tangible innovations and products. Art, science, and technology are often used to create new products that consumers can use. 

One of the most important elements in brand identity is the visual and tactile elements of sensory stimulation. One may ask, why are people compelled to purchase an item online after seeing a product displayed on a web site? Well, the answer is obvious - the picture online captured the viewer's attention in both form and detail and instantly altered their perception from being skeptical to positive and the desire
to own such an object.