Products are made in the factory. Brands are created in the mind.   – Walter Landor, founder, Landor Associates

Our goal as a branding and marketing company is to establish your brand's authenticity and solidity across a specific demographic by using the right marketing strategies, tools, and campaigns to accelerate product recognition and brand awareness.

Branding is not creating an "awesome logo" or establishing a website indicating what you do even though they both are valuable components through which you may promote your brand image. 

The essence of a brand is the promise to its target audience. 
The perception of a brand promise will determine a target audience's trust and loyalty in the brand. 

It is the conceptual and tactile representation of a brand.
Relating a brand promise to the right audience/consumer involves strategic planning. The visual identity icon is referred to as the logo and is the conceptual representation of the brand essence. It is the first point of contact the consumer has with a brand. A logo must not be considered as unimportant nor misrepresented as just a pretty icon. Often a logo that is created and based on individual likes and preferences to color and objects lack conceptual development to what it represents. A logo is the visual that enables the essence to be a visible and tactile representation of the brand.

Color is a significant component of a brand's logo. It visually represents emotions and is often tied to traditions and culture. The essence of the brand identity must be identifiable through its color.

The right strategy will successfully connect you to a specifically identifiable target demographic. Current technology, trends, and the very times we are living in right now should be influential factors in developing a campaign.  Haphazardly utilizing any or all social media platforms will be detrimental to building brand awareness and recognition. Each social media platform has a specific demographic attached to its reach. Therefore selecting the right social media platform is crucial to achieving success.